Longford Park

Longford Park has an area of 26.08 hectares and is situated close to the M6 motorway Junction 3, Coventry canal and the Rioch Arena development. It is an area parks situated in the NE neighbourhood area of the city of Coventry.
It less than 50m from Longford Nature Park, around half a mile from Wyken Slough Nature Park (Designated as a LNR), and about a mile from Hawkesbury Junction (also know as Sutton Stop), where the Coventry Canal and Oxford Canal meet.
The Park also forms part of the Sowe Valley Footpath Route which follows the River Sowe a main water couurse that runs through the City.

It is a vibrant place with its own special identity drawn from its situation in the active Longford community, where people can find a place of beauty and sense of local pride. It will be an accessible place where people can feel welcome, safe, relaxed and part of the local community, and forms part of a extensive green corridor in what is a well populated suburban area.
Longford Park is situated in the historic parish of Foleshill to the north east of Coventry. The land that comprises the present park was historically an extensive area of meadow land straddling the River Sowe that flows from west to east. In the 1930's the council started to acquire parcels of land. By 1958 the park was well established with a number of facilities.
More recently, following Liveability and Section 106 agreement funding, new facilities has been recently added in the park that includes a sensory garden, refurbishment of principal entrances, play area, Skate Park and Multi Use Games Area.
New Lighting was installed in 2013.
In 2012 a wild flower meadow was created along with a number of new spinney. Further work will be done in the winter of 2017
A new Mural was created on the Skate Park in 2015, and another one was added to the Pavilion wall in 2016.
New signage is in place (new noticeboards 2019) as well as additional improvements to the sensory garden.
2016 has seen a new fitness area created, with the help of external funding gained from SITA, with further equipment added in 2017.
An artificial cricket wicket was installed in 2018
It qualifies for the award in that it is welcoming, safe, clean and well maintained and is well managed overall. New initiatives are being developed to strengthen community involvement. our Ranger team work well with the local community and friends of group, and they undertake regular habitat / wildlife surveys.

Park Facilities

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