Slopefield Allotments

Slopefield allotments were originally purchased in 1886 from John C Ogston Couper by the City of Aberdeen and the site was subsequently sold to the water board to build a reservoir.

Slopefield has operated as an Allotment site since 1980 and Slopefield Allotment Association was set up in 2010 to manage on a day to day basis over 100 allotments in partnership with Aberdeen City Council.

In 2013 the Hutton Hut was kindly donated, erected and is maintained by The James Hutton Institute and formally opened by it's CEO professor Iain Gordon and is used as Slopefield Allotment Association headquarters primarily as an educational resource centre for Airyhall School visits, "Open Hut Surgery" talks and for social occasions such as Community Days and annual barbecue.

Slopefield is an example of Caring for the Earth and co-habiting the space with the wildlife. The site is an ecosystem containing a wide range of plants, fungi, invertebrates, mammals, birds and insects.

Staff at the James Hutton Institute provide an insight into how living things are connected; and Airyhall School and parents make a significant commitment to the site by accompanying the children as they walk to the allotments each week.

The Slopefield Allotment site is a very friendly horticultural haven with its roots firmly embedded within the local community and on a sunny summers day with the sunflowers waving in the breeze there is nowhere more peaceful in Aberdeen.

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