Waterstown Park

Waterstown Park is in essence a nature park, comprising 35 hectares of biodiverse regenerating land with a coloured history. It trends approximately east-west following the river Liffey and is formed by semi-natural grasslands on a north-sloping hillside forming the river valley, recent pathways and a number of built features including Waterstown House, a mill race and an old iron bridge lead. Waterstown Park has areas of national and international importance as it lies within the area covered by the Liffey Valley Special Amenity Area Order (SAAO) and land between the millrace and river is covered by a proposed Natural Heritage Area (pNHA) designation. It is slowly being developed and drawing more and more interest and use. It became well-known after the 2011 Bioblitz survey / competition where it was found that it has more than 800 species of flora and fauna. Hence, it is one of the most ecologically important parks in Dublin.

Park Facilities

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Historic Building
Nature Reserve
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South Dublin County Council
Deirdre O’Riordan
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