Forail ( forest+rail) - 포항철길숲

Railroad Forest is a linear urban forest made by using railroad tracks. It is 6.6km in length and 3~15m in width.
From 2009 to 2011, trees were first planted for 2.3 km, and fountains and streams were created. In April 2015, Pohang Station, which was in the city center, moved to the outskirts of Pohang City with the new high-speed rail (KTX), and a railroad 4.3km from Hyoja Station to the old Pohang Station. It has turned into a sparsely populated place with no trains running for.

From 2015 to 2018, trees, flowers and sculptures were placed, and toilets and music fountains were installed.  Since there is a green axis passing through the city center, it has good versatility, so the floating population is increasing and voluntary urban regeneration is taking place.

The living conditions of the poor residential areas along the railroad are improving, and the culture of walking or riding a bicycle to work is spreading.

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