Torrisholme Cemetery

Torrisholme Cemetery carries out approximately 100 burials per year and is regularly visited by relatives and the general public. A Management Plan has been produced with the aim of improving and developing the cemetery in future years. Initially the Management Plan also identified a timetable for the implementation of the recommendations of the Cemeteries Task Group. These recommendations were completed in March 2011. A copy of this plan can be downloaded from The Management Plan recognises that cemeteries are an essential and high profile service area to the community. It also recognises that the grounds within Torrisholme Cemetery are a natural resource that requires careful management if we are to maintain and promote its biodiversity. The Management Plan also gives consideration to the future management and development of Torrisholme Cemetery in order to maintain the Green Flag Award criteria.

Green Flag
Award Winner
Managing Organisation
Lancaster City Council
Beth Aldridge
01524 582635