DS Smith partnership projects update: Autumn 2015

06 November 2015

DS Smith partnership projects update: Autumn 2015

DS Smith the official Green Flag Award sponsor, continues to be engaged and devoted to making a positive impact to green spaces across the UK.

With ten active green space projects coming on in leaps and bounds, the partnership is going from strength to strength with Keep Britain Tidy and the Green Flag Award scheme in conversations and on departmental agendas across the DS Smith business. 

In our previous update we highlighted the volunteering activities which were taking place around DS Smith, including community gardening, litter picking and on-site developments. These have improved the overall quality and purpose of many outdoor spaces across Engalnd.  This is ongoing and DS Smith now have an exciting fundraising activity to support the Green Flag Award partnership.

Currently employees from 54 UK DS Smith sites, with an extended invite to family, friends and supporters of the partnership, are buying and designing virtual balloons in anticipation of the forthcoming DS Smith Virtual Balloon Race fundraiser, which is taking place 1 -8  December.

The race exists solely online and is a modern version on the traditional pastime, without littering and causing a danger to wildlife. Monies raised will financially support DS Smith's green space projects.

On 1 December balloons are released at the same time from one location, the DS Smith Head Office on London's Euston Road.  From then, over the course of a week, real life weather conditions determine the journey of the balloons. Participants can track their balloon's progress over the duration of the seven day race through a website.

Not only will contestants be contributing towards a good cause where they will see and benefit from where their money is going, but they will also be in with a chance of winning some fabulous prizes. 

Don't forget to come back to hear how the money we raised is being well spent on a green space, in a community near you.