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Green Flag Award judges and applicants get special membership access to World Urban Parks

12 May 2023

World Urban Parks have agreed to offer Green Flag Award judges and applicants a 10% discount on their membership offer

This new discount offer brings the cost of becoming an individual World Urban Parks member down to only £65.00 per year.

Active Green Flag Award judges and applicants just need to enter the code GFAMEMBER on the membership page here

The offer is valid until the 10th June 2023 and membership lasts for 12 months.

The agreement comes at a great time to get connected to the World Urban Parks community - as the organisation recently launched their fantastic "Communities" platform on the members area of the website.

Within Communities, parks professionals get access to:

  • A Digital Library of parks related resources (with a great comments and discussion feature built in)
  • A Directory of other parks professionals around the world that you can connect to (Just like a parks-specific social network)
  • The Communities area where different professional group together around specific topics of interest
  • The Discussion board - a forum area for posting questions or discussing topics relevant to parks management

Carl McClean, International Development Manager for the Green Flag Award programme said:

"We're really excited to strengthen our relationship with World Urban Parks by extending this membership offer to the Green Flag Award family. We plan to have a presence on this platform so it would be a great space for judges and applicants to network around specific topics that link to the Green Flag Award criteria too."

For more information on world Urban Parks and to register your membership, visit: