Green Flag Award Park groups are now trained lifesavers

24 April 2015

Green Flag Award Park groups are now trained lifesavers

Green Flag awarded Beacon Park in Staffordshire has hosted an Ambulance Service course, training members of the park's groups and clubs to use a new life-saving defibrillator. 

Earlier this year Lichfield District Council's Parks team was given training on how to use the portable defibrillator, which is available in the parks team's office in Beacon Park. The defibrillator can be used if anyone is having a cardiac arrest in the surrounding area.

So that more people know how to use the lifesaving equipment, Friends of Lichfield Historic Parks and members of Crown Green Bowls Club and Lichfield Museum Club also completed defibrillator training this April. 

Neil Turner, Lichfield District Council's Director of Leisure & Parks, said,"The more people who know how to use the park's defibrillator, the better. They give anyone who experiences a cardiac arrest the best chance of survival until paramedics or other trained medical staff can get to them."