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Trees Species Selection for Green Infrastructure

How can we improve species selection so that we can provide our towns and cities with diverse and resilient palette of trees that are capable of thriving in challenging urban environments? This guide offers for the first time in the UK a comprehensive, research-based decision-making tool on selecting appropriate species for a range of contrasting planting scenarios. A free copy of the guide and its companion database can be downloaded below.

As well as providing advice on the general approach to species selection, Tree Species Selection for Green Infrastructure: A Guide for Specifiers includes information for over 280 species on their use-potential, size and crown characteristics, natural habitat, environmental tolerance, ornamental qualities, potential issues to be aware of, and notable varieties. The overall aim of this guide it to provide, clear, robust information to specifiers to enable appropriate species selection and aid the diversification of the urban forest. 

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For a presentation of the research underpinning its content, watch the presentations below
(Recorded in London on March 2018)

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