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Park Power Introduction

ParkPower is a multi-phase programme run by greenspace scotland to investigate the potential for hosting green energy infrastructure within parks and greenspaces in Scotland. To some extent this has been happening for decades but there is considerable scope to do more.

The project is exploring the potential for parks to provide energy-related services and support green energy infrastructure. This offers opportunities to develop new income streams and long-term savings for our parks and green spaces.

Using a range of data sources, including the new Ordnance Survey Greenspace mapping and Scotland’s Heat Map, the ParkPower project is developing a strategic, Scotland-wide approach to identify green spaces with potential to provide energy services and enable the transformation towards a low carbon economy.

Greenspace Scotland are working closely with Ramboll, a European consultancy with expertise in energy-based engineering projects and district heat networks. Scottish Councils are involved through the Park Managers' Forum, and we are working closely with two pilot authority partners, Fife Council and Falkirk Council, to develop and test the method. Other partners include Local Energy Scotland and Scottish Power.


About greenspace scotland

greenspace scotland is a social enterprise and an independent charitable company. We work with a wide range of local and national partners to support the planning, development and sustainable management of greenspaces and green networks as a key part of the green infrastructure of our towns and cities.

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